Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Lovely Cat

Hi all, I know it has been ages since I last posted... But... I don't even have an excuse/reason, I just haven't thought to write.

But this morning I woke up and felt like it.! So now you get to hear from me!!! I know you are all sooo excited.! ;]

Anyways my cat. So my cat is the bomb. She always manages to sleep on the one place on my bed I DON'T want to to sleep. I mean there is the one spot. And she always finds it even though it changes from night to night.! I don't know how.? (It could be the same way I was always able to find the candy in my Grandma's house on the first try. Could be...) Anyways, so she lays there and expects me not to move. So fine I stay still.......until I am uncomfortable. Plain and simple cat, my bed, my rules. Well there is lots of protest (of course) and when I do move she gets up and tries to get on my bedside table.

On my bedside table I have a tray the has miscellaneous jewelry and other small things. And so if she goes up there and gets one, I never see it again. So I have to get up out of bed and put her on the ground. One time I got so mad that she woke me up at like 2 am the I sprayed her with my spray bottle. She didn't climb up there for a couple days... So when I get her off my nightstand she starts to run.

You know how cats are supposed to chase mice, well my cat chases mice, at like 4 in the morning. So she wakes me up at four in the morning because I hear her running around and saying, "Grrrrrrr-meow, grrr-meow, grr-mow, run run run run run, Grrrrr-meow, bank turns off my bed and continues, etc.! I mean really!

And then, if she catches the mouse, which rarely happens, she eats the back half like up to the shoulders and either leaves the rest at the edge of my bed, or brings it up onto my bed. One time she brought a live mouse up onto my bed. That was interesting... :P

Then after about an hour or at like 6-7 am,  she doesn't feel too well. When my cat has to throw up, she sounds like a crying baby. Like for realz, no kidding, only truth. So she is wailing ad  then you hear her throw up. And of course it is either on a rug, by one of the beds, on the top of a dresser, or on a window sill. It wouldn't be in an easy place to clean it up.

So that is it for right now. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my cat!!! :D

-Pie <><

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Ohloh! It means hello but I don't know if I spelled it right. Anyways here at our house we had been fighting wars since last winter. We had an attack on Pearl Harbor last winter because the pump for our sewage tank started to fail. So what it ended up doing was shooting up and holding water in the pipe that went to our drain field. Well because it couldn't get water to drain it just held it there it filled too high and started spill out. Now it was just like every other winter night. It was cold and my sister and were all set for bed. We were just waiting to be tucked in. All of a sudden my Dad calls up and says "the tanks are over flowing I need your help.! Come down here right now!" So my sister and I trudge down to the basement to find it is under 1-2" of water.! So my dad hands us our rain boots and tells us what to do. We end up filling the shopvac with water and then running and dumping it outside. It seemed to be working until we found out we would be doing it for a while because the water was coming out faster than we were getting it out. So my dad thought and finally decided to put the tip of the shopvac's hose in where the water was coming out. Then we kinda mopped the rest up. My sister and I thought we were all done but then my dad said, "Common outside we have to drain some more out of the tanks." So as we were working outside my mom comes home from her meeting. Once we have finished up outside we come inside and dry everything up and place fans to help dry better. Thank Goodness that was over but it just started WWI. We had to replace our pump, get a new washer and dryer, get our well fixed, and have work done on our water softener. We won WWI and finally or water started working. Then WWII happened. Remember when I told you our old pump was shooting and holding water in the pipe that went to our drain field. The water had frozen in the pipe over winter and our pipe had shattered. We found out the hard way because my dad discovered it. He thought he had found the whole issue. He thought about 5' of pipe needed to be replaced. Then he saw the cracks go spiraling up the pipe and recruited some helpers or workers (slaves). ;) He told us probably wouldn't be too far just until the crack stopped. The whole digging process included digging the grass off the top and putting it in a pile, digging the black dirt off and putting it in a pile, and digging the sand out from around the pipe and putting it in a pile. In short every time we got to a cuppleing my dad told us the crack kept going and we would have to dig more. We dug a 1 1/2-2' deep, 1-1 1/2' wide, and 40' long! Then Hazah! The pipe started to turn off.! We were soooooo happy and then we only had to dig another foot to find the fabric stuff and rocks that are part of the drain field. The pipe was still cracked but it was in the drain field already so we just left it. (To me and my sister's great joy) Then my dad replaced the pipe and I got home from a fun day of shopping with my friends to find we had to fill the stupid trench.! Well yesterday we did so and we ended up filling the last part of the trench in full sun. It was like 100 degrees in the shade and we were in the sun.! Ugh to the max! Now it's done and my family and I have won the World Wars. ;) Pie-

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hunger Games

Okay to start off, If your name is Katy and you have a sister named Emily who loves hunger games and is my friend please tell Emily to read this... And if your name is Emily and you have a sister named Katy and you love the hunger games and you are my friend I expect you to read this at least and hopefully keep reading my blog.! ;) So my friends, Emily in particular, told me how awesome he Hunger Games were and told me to read them. When I asked what they were about, I had no idea, they told my it was kinda like a roman collisium, (forgive my spelling if I spelled that wrong) only much, much better. Well I don't know about you but I didn't enjoy learning about things like the collisium in history so the books didn't sound appealing and I said I would never read them. And I didn't for a while but then I thought I shouldn't judge the books until I have read them so when my family and I were at Costco we picked up the first book (Hunger Games) and I decided I would read it after I finished the book I was reading. I was reading book three of the Kari and Lucas Series which are mysteries and I would recommend them to anybody. They are Awesome!!! There are three books so far: The Mystery of the Third Lucretia, Rescuing Seneca Crane(this book has nothing to do with the hunger games for those of you who may be reading), and Adventure at Simba Hill. I like them because the author is from Saint Paul MN and because the stars of the book live here too.! You should read them. :) Anyways back to Hunger Games. So when I finished my book I started to read the Hunger Games. I read a few chapters in and wondered why everyone loved them sooooooo much. Well as I read I found out and soon enough Incouldn't put the book down for my life it was that good.! Well I started to reach the end of the first book so I went to Barnes and Noble and got the second book(Catching Fire). Well after we went to Barnes and Noble we went to half price books and guess what they had there. Catching fire for half price! Well I had already written my name in the one I had so it was too late but go figure. ;) I just decided to enjoy my book. :) So the next day was a Saturday and I decided to read. So I finished the last chapter of the Hunger Games and started Catching fire. Mind you I only stopped reading to go down, have Lucy, come back up and start reading. I read for a total of 9 hours that day.!!!!!! Best Saturday ever! :) After that Mega reading day I got a little depressed wih the book if you've read it you know why and stopped reading for a lite while. I couldn't help wondering what happens though so I started to read again and again I couldn't put it down.! Well then I got Mockingjay(the third and final book of the hunger games) for my birthday. Thank you Mommy and Daddy. :) One day I was reading it and I read for six hours straight.! They are that good.! My mom likes them too. She pretends she doesn't love them but I know she does. My dad even said later that he couldn't believe how fast I read through those and said they must be pretty good. So if you are looking for a good book to read start the Hunger Games Series or the Kari and Lucas Series. Thanks, Pie- ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strawberries!!!!! Recap ;)

Hey everybody, I wanted to tell you how the bread turned out! It tasted really good but it tasted more like cinnamon bread rather than strawberry bread.? I don't know. Well after my mom had made 3-4 batches of strawberry jam and I had made my bread we still had lots of strawberries left. Almost 1/3 of our strawberries weren't used yet.! So we were craving strawberry pie all day but my mom wanted to make jam so whatever. Then when we had so many left, and she was sick of making jam, we made two strawberry pies! :) They tasted really good. However I am sick and tired of cutting strawberries so I don't plan on doing anymore for a while. ;) I'll blog you later but for now I have to go because we are bringing my sissy somewhere. By Love you all, Pie- P.S. For those of you who know my email and you want the recipe for the strawberry pie we made please ask because it literally took like 15 to do everything and put it in th oven! My mom and I were really tired. ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strawberries!!! :)

Don't you all just love strawberries?! I know I do! ;) So yesterday (Tuesday)morning me, my sister, my mom, my grandma, and my toddler cousin all went strawberry picking at Pine Tree Apple Orchard.! My cousin did mostly eating. ;) We picked about 16 lbs. of strawberries.! It was really fun. :) Today we started to make strawberry jam.! We have to wash and stem and cut and measure and boil and stir and add and boil and cap and heat and cool etc.! After that you wait and do it all again because we doubled or total jam count. I made some strawberry bread.! It is in the oven currently and I hope it turns out. When we, my mom and I, decided I could make it with our freshly picked strawberries we decided I would double it. Well I put a little of this and a little into a bowl, mixed it together, and had my dry ingredients ready. Then I put double the amount of butter and eggs and suger into a bowl and mixed it together. But, it wasn't getting light and fluffy like the recipe said it would so I started to worry. I stirred it faster but nothing happened. I just checked and my bread needs 10 more minutes. Anyways, then my mom walked over and said, "Do you think that looks right because it doesn't." Or something like that. ;) I told her I didn't think so and then she said, "Did you double the recipe along with the butter?" Well that was a revolutionary thought because I never would have thought it. I am not the best baker although my friend, the blogger of my happy place, and family are. Once I had fixed that error I proceed to "fold" the strawberries in. Well it turns out I messed that up because I evidently stirred them in. Whatever. I think the bread is going to turn out. Here is the timer now.? :) ;) The four little miny pans I used are done. I also used a funny half circle pan which needs five more minutes. It smells great! :) I'll tell you how it tastes later.! ;) Pie-

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some of my "Art"

Hi Guys, I thought if you were going to read some of the stuff I've written I thought I would start with something fun. :) Here is my fractured fairy tale. It is a take off of sleeping Beauty. Enjoy... Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles there was a man and a woman. They had a baby girl and named her Aurora. They named her after the rising sun, for she filled their life with sunshine. Stephen and Leah King threw a party and invited all of their friends and family to celebrate the birth of Aurora. Among the people at the party were Hugh Berter, one of  Stephen’s best friends, and his son, Phil. Leah’s three sisters, Flora, Fanny, and Mary, who were excellent drivers, were also there. They were all there to give gifts to Aurora. Before Mary could give her gift, Leah’s great-aunt Margaret, a cold and selfish person from Alaska, came and left only a card that foretold on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday a huge snowstorm would come and it would be cold winter forever in Los Angeles. Thankfully, Mary hadn’t given her gift yet and she foretold that instead of winter forever it would only be winter until Aurora passed her driver’s test and got her driver’s license. Then, the winter would go away and the snow would melt.   Concerned that Aurora would not pass her driver’s test because her parents were not good drivers, the three sisters asked Stephen and Leah to let them take  Aurora and start to prepare her for the test which would be on her sixteenth birthday. The Kings agreed and the three sisters taught and prepared Aurora for sixteen years. Through doing this, they hoped Aurora would pass her driver’s test and make sure winter went away. On her birthday, Aurora met a young man, Phil, Hugh Berter’s son, right before she took her driver’s test and she fell deeply in love. Because she loved Phil so much, he was all she could think about and because he was the only thing on her mind she failed her test. Winter came fast and furious and no one, not one person, knew how to shovel or plow and no one had clothes for winter. Since no one knew how to plow, people couldn’t get out to the store to buy clothes or shovels. Since they couldn’t get out to do anything, the people of Los Angeles bunkered down and watched TV.  The only person in all of the city who knew how to plow and shovel was Phil, Hugh Berter’s son. He was trying to get to the place where the city had one plow in storage in case of  snow. Before he got there, Margaret’s ex-husband kidnapped Phil  and brought him to a warehouse and tied him up. Margaret had wanted him kidnapped so that he could never plow the road. Aurora, who was refocussed by the cold, couldn’t retake her driver’s test until the roads were plowed. Wicked Aunt Margaret didn’t know it but Flora, Fanny, and Mary were on their way to the warehouse where Phil was tied up to free him. After they untied Phil, Margaret’s ex-husband tried to hold the door closed but Phil was stronger and pushed it open. Margaret, who didn’t think her ex-husband could stop Phil if he was freed, had poured water all over the road to make it icy. Sliding on their tummies, the three sisters and Phil managed to get across the part of the road on which Margaret had poured water. After they got across, they started to run. It was a few minutes after they started to run when a blizzard started around them. They walked in the blizzard for a few minutes. Eventually, they knew they needed to stop and take shelter in a small house by the side of the road. After hiding in the house for a while, Mary bumped something and it fell over with a clang. Phil picked it up, and to all of their delight, it was a shovel. Now they could shovel their way to the snow plow and then Aurora could take her driver’s test again! Before they made it to the plow, they had to get across a river, but the bridge was up, and Margaret stood in front of it. When Phil tried to get past Margaret to check out the bridge, and the water, and see if there was any other way across, Margaret pushed Phil back and stood in his way. Phil tried again to pass Margaret but she stood in his way. When he tried to go around her, she tried to push him again. Instead of pushing him back, away from the water, he stood firm and she pushed herself off the bank and into the river. Her cold soul froze the river immediately and the three sisters and Phil crossed safely. They all made it to the snow plow and Phil plowed the roads so Aurora could take her Driver’s test. When she took the test she aced it with a perfect score and the winter weather went away. Aurora was given her driver’s license and her story was in newspapers all over the country. As for Phil, he and Aurora ended up going to the same college, started dating, fell in love, and got married. Surprisingly they had a double wedding because Fanny fell in love with Margaret’s ex-husband. The wedding was called the “double wedding of the century” and it was also in newspapers all over the country. Soon after, Aurora and Phil had a baby girl who they named Brianna Rose and they all lived happily ever after.                      -The End-  I got an A on that! :) Did you like? I hope you did because I made that up all by myself. Okay, okay my mom helped a little. Okay she helped a lot, but I wanted to do sleeping beauty and I wrote it so I did good. Thanks Mom. I love you. I love you all too. Blog you later. ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Randomness

Hello :) I am so happy to be blogging again that I am doing it twice in one day! Okay here we go............I am tired! Right now our friends, my sister,and I are watching Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur. I was also given Internet access for my b-day and I am loving it.!! :) By the way I would watch it and the Scrat shorts if you can because they are funny. I know I am being really random but I am just writing what comes to mind. I think I will put some of my writing from class on here because most of it is pretty good. :) I am going to stop writing now because I should watch the movie. Love ya'll